Active Woods - Meet the Maker

How did your business get its start? 
Our business got its start when we were getting so frustrated and exhausted with our jobs that we decided to just go for it. We’re young, our expenses are low, and we don’t have any kids so we figured now would be the time. We’ve been doing this for 8 months now and we have NO regrets!
What sparks your creativity most?
What sparks my creativity is the ideas and project thoughts of others. I’ve come up with a lot of stuff myself but I’ll get ideas from Pinterest or when someone orders something custom I’ll add my own twist to it and continue to make that item.
What's the best thing about running your own business?  The worst?
The best thing about running our own business is being able to go and travel when we need/want to. The ridiculousness of corporate America telling you to build up PTO so you can afford to go and see family is bologna to us. We just weren’t feeling someone telling us when we need to be somewhere and when and for how long. It’s miserable, it’s exhausting, and on top of it all they tell you how to dress or have your facial hair??? It’s a circus. The worst part about having your own business is it’s like having two full time jobs. If you’re not careful you could work 24 hours a day every day because everything needs done and you’re the one who has to do it. You have to find breaks for yourself or take take a weekend still.
What kind of music do you listen to while you create? 
 I don’t necessarily have favorite songs, but my favorite Pandora Station I listen to in the garage while I’m working at 1) The Garth Brooks Station 2) Hooked on a Feeling Station (70’s music) 3) Godsmack Station (hard rock for when I have a LOT to get done)
How has your business most helped you and/or your family grow?
It’s allowed us the freedom to go where we want and whenever we want. It’s helped us purchase our first ever new truck and toy hauler camper (for our shows) so we’re able to travel anywhere and everywhere we want to now
Of all the products you create, which is your very favorite?  Which is a customer favorite?
My favorite piece is my burnt Colorado flag. The way the grain of the wood stands out in those are absolutely incredible. You won’t ever see anything like it. Truly one of a kind found no where else.
What are you looking forward to about the Market?
I’m looking forward to meeting all the people, talking to them and hearing their stories. Everyone’s got something different to say and it’s always enjoyable, I feel, to listen and learn from them.
Myles from Active Woods will be joining us at the pop up market at the Arapahoe County Fair.  You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy.