Arapahoe County Fair Contract and Information

Gypsy Farmhouse Market at the Arapahoe County Fair


  • The Arapahoe County Fair runs from July 26 – July 29 (Thursday through Sunday).

  • It is located at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, 25690 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO

  • This is an outdoor market.

  • Market hours are:

  • Thursday 7/26

    4 pm - 9 pm

    Friday 7/27

    11 am - 9 pm

    Saturday 7/28

    11 am - 9 pm

    Sunday 7/29

    11 am - 6 pm

  • The carnival runs until midnight on Friday and Saturday. You are welcome to stay open if you would like but you do not have to. 

  • The location of the market will be on a grassy area right inside the front entrance.  On the 2017 map provided, it will be in the area marked K9 demos (there will not be K9 demos in the area in 2018).

  • Currently, the market is open to handmade/homemade only and not direct sales/ MLM. However if you have direct sales or MLM, you may get on the wait list.   With the county’s approval, I’ll open up the remaining spaces to direct sales/MLM on April 15th.  However, please note that this is solely at the county’s discretion.  If you would like to be notified when I open the spaces up, be sure to fill out an application online and email me at so that I put you on the list. 

  • The county provides plenty of lighting, so you will not need lighting for your tent to stay open for the evening hours.   There will not be electricity available otherwise for the pop up market. 

  • All booth spaces are 10 x 10. You must have a tent.   Additionally you must weigh your tent down with a minimum of 30 pounds for each leg.   It is nearly always breezy at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds (we live up the street) and sometimes can be very windy. 

  • The fairgrounds provides complimentary WiFi, however I cannot guarantee its reliability nor its availability, so you should always come prepared to do business without WiFi if you need to. Most vendors run credit cards using their cellular service in situations like this. 

  • The fair is a rain or shine event. More than likely it will be very hot, but should it rain, and therefore attendance is low, there will not be any refunds. 

  • Each vendor booth will receive two parking passes and four fair passes. You will be able to purchase additional parking passes if you need them.  I do not know the cost yet, but last year they were $5.  Fair tickets last year were $10 when purchased in advance online.  The free fair passes will not get you on to the carnival rides for free. 

  • Booth sharing is allowed by no more than two vendors in one 10 x 10 booth.  Both vendors must complete an application and be approved by Gypsy Farmhouse Market.   The products of the vendors must be complimentary.  Booth sharing by direct sales vendors is not allowed.   Approval of booth sharing is at the sole discretion of Gypsy Farmhouse Market.

  • You are welcome to leave your booth setup over night as there will be light security on the grounds. However, neither the Fairgrounds nor Gypsy Farmhouse Market can be responsible for your items.  Definitely do not leave your cash box or any valuables in your tent. 

  • Load in times are as follows:

  •  Thursday

    11 am - 3:30 pm


    8 am - 10:30 am


    8 am - 10:30 am


    8 am - 10:30 am

  • If you arrive after 3 pm on Thursday or 10 am Friday – Sunday and are not already set up, you will have to forfeit your booth space without a refund. This is due to safety issues.    If you are already set up, you are welcome to arrive right at fair opening time. 

  • Booth fees are as follows:

  •  Thursday only 


    Friday only


    Saturday & Sunday only


    Thursday - Sunday


    Friday - Sunday


  • If you sign up for any option more than $90, you will have the option of paying your booth fee in three installments.  Your first installment will be due within 5 days of receiving your invoice.  The second installment is due by February 28th and the third installment is due by March 31st.  If you sign up for any option that is more than $149, you may pay your booth fee in four installments, with the last payment due by April 30th.   If your first installment is not received within five days, your contract will be cancelled and you will be removed from the vendor list.  If you miss any of the remaining installments, you will be removed from the vendor list and will not receive a refund of the payments made to date. 

  • You may not pack up your booth and leave early, even if you are having an unlucky day without sales. I understand how frustrating that can be (and have been there myself) but out of respect for the guests of the fair and your fellow vendors, in addition to the safety concerns, you may not pack up early.  The above booth fees include a deposit of $15.  If you keep your booth open for all registered days until the posted times, you will receive a refund of $15 via PayPal within 10 days after the fair.  If you do pack up early, you will not be able to participate in future Gypsy Farmhouse Markets.

  • Please come prepared for crazy weather. As you all know, the weather can change very quickly in Colorado. 

  • It is each vendors responsibility to collect and submit state and county sales tax. The fair is held in unincorporated Arapahoe County, so there are no city taxes.    I may be asked for a list of vendors, so please ensure that you submit your sales taxes.


  • Last year, attendance for the weekend was 22,000. I don’t know if you recall last summer, but the fair took place during that random weekend in July when it rained all weekend.  They lucked out and it didn’t rain at the fair – but it was cloudy and might have impacted attendance.   The most attendance they have ever had was 26,000.

  • This is how the attendance broke down last year: (approximate numbers)

  • Thursday









  • This area has a lot of young families and a lot of the fair activities are catered to families.   


  • The county has advertising planned on the radio, TV, flyers in local businesses, road signage and social media. They will advertise our market in a portion of that advertising.

  • Gypsy Farmhouse Market will also promote via social media and email. Additionally I will run a promoted Facebook event ad for the two months prior to the market.  Lastly, each vendor that signs up and pays for their booth by July 1st will get a “vendor spotlight” on GFM social media.  Gypsy Farmhouse Market has social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  At a minimum, all vendors that meet the above criteria will have a spotlight on Facebook.    Some will also receive spotlights on Twitter and/or Instagram.

  • It is very important that you realize your role in sharing the event with friends, family and neighbors. Our market gets more exposure if we all share the event on social media. 

If you have questions, please email them to

If you would like to participate, please complete and submit the contract below.