Denver Queen City Horse Show Contract and Information

The Denver Queen City Horse Show

  • The show runs Friday July 6 – Sunday July 8th. You can do Friday only, Saturday and Sunday only or the whole weekend.  However, please keep in mind that if you choose Friday only that attendance on that day is likely to be lower than the other days. 

  • This is an indoor market to be held at the Events Center at the National Western Complex.

  • The map of booth locations can be found here.

  • Market times are tentatively planned to be 10 am – 4 pm each day, however this is subject to change because I do not know the horse show times yet. If they are different, I’ll give you a chance to cancel your booth for a full refund, if you do so immediately when I inform you of the new times.

  • The National Western Complex has WiFi available for purchase. However, I have done a couple of shows there as a vendor and sometimes it is not very fast.  You should be prepared to do business without it in case there are issues.  I do not have a way to offer a backup WiFi network if the complex WiFi fails. 

  • Parking and admission are free for this show.

  • This is going to be a small market. For this reason, all vendors must have cash & carry inventory of at least 50% of what they are selling.  

  • Direct sales/ MLM are allowed, but only one booth per company. The booths are intended to be 70% or more handmade/ homemade and 30% or less direct sales, depending on applications.  If there are open handmade/homemade spots after June 1st, the remaining spots will be made available to direct sales.    A portion of the handmade/homemade booths will be reserved for businesses that offer horse related items, until April 1st.  After that date, they will be opened to all handmade/homemade vendors.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (Robin) at


Advertising and Attendance:

  • The attendance for this market will consist of the families and friends of the horse show participants. There are more than 200 horses participating over the three days.  Although I have no idea what the attendance will be (and horse show organizers have not been able to tell me past attendance), I am making a conservative educated guess that attendance will be approximately 1000 people over the three days.  I have set booth fees taking that into consideration.   That being said, however, you never know which show you will find a loyal customer at, so it is a great idea to always have business cards with you.

  • The horse show organizers will be advertising the show quite a bit because this is the 50th anniversary show.  They have also promised to include an ad or a mention about our market in all of their promotional materials. 

  • I will also do a promoted Facebook event ad for our market the month preceding the show, however, there will not be any road signage (due to the location) and there will not be any direct mail or radio advertising for this show.

  • As with all shows, it is important that you understand your role and responsibility in advertising as well, especially with Facebook. We each have different circles on Facebook.  If we all share the event and posts related to the event, Facebook will also show the event to our friends and families connections as well.  Facebook has a complicated algorithm that attempts to figure out what people might like to see and Facebook’s assumption is that your friends and family want to see the same things that you are sharing and liking.

  • The following categories are closed at this time for this show:
  • Direct Sales:  LuLaRoe (Saturday & Sunday only, Friday is available); Scentsy, Usborne, Pampered Chef; LipSense, Damsel in Defense; Jamberry; Color Street; Thirty One; doTerra; My S Bling.
  • If you sell one of the above items, you are welcome to submit a contract and get on the wait list.  Additionally the list is constantly changing.  It will be updated every couple of days.
  • There are no handmade categories currently closed.  We have a good mix of handmade sellers thus far.