Luv My Horseshoes - Meet the Maker

Jan, the creative force behind Luv My Horseshoes will be joining Gypsy Farmhouse Market in person at the Horse Show and the Arapahoe County Fair.  
How did your business get its start?  
Creating horseshoe décor all started with wanting to make a unique gift for a horse-loving friend at the office where I worked. Co-workers saw what I had done and started requesting custom orders.
What sparks your creativity most? 
What sparks creativity for me is the shape and character of the repurposed shoe. Shape always gives me inspiration. As for creativity in the new shoes, I'll look at the trinket I want to use which then inspires shoe and beading colors, style, uniqueness and away we go!
What's the best thing about running your own business? 
Travelling to so many cities and meeting new customers and other vendors makes running this business so great. I've made many great friendships over the past year.  The worst? Ha, ha! The worst part is carrying hundred pound boxes filled with horseshoes - it's quite back breaking!
Share a funny story about your business
From a distance, many people think my wall décor pieces are actually necklaces.  We try to keep our response lite as to not embarrass anyone when they admit they thought they were necklaces and we chuckle by responding, "Oh no, they're actually earrings!" Everyone laughs and then we visit and talk about the uniqueness of the décor.
How has your business most helped you and/or your family grow? 
Personally, my confidence has grown immensely since I began vending at so many events. Speaking with people I don't know has now become a natural thing. 
Of all the products you create, which is your very favorite?  Which is a customer favorite? 
My favorite product to create is a custom order. For example, I had a young man approach me at Christmas talking about his upcoming marriage. He asked if I could help surprise his bride at their wedding reception with a horseshoe that consisted of beading in their wedding colors, their favorite saying on the toe of the shoe and a beautiful cross that represented their faith. He was so excited when he received it that it made him tear up. That's why I love custom orders!
Customer favorites include wall hangings and sculptures that I create with repurposed shoes by welding them together to make - snowmen, pumpkins, garden frogs, flowers, and butterflies.
What are you looking forward to about the Market? 
This will be my first horse show and I'm looking forward to touching the lives of horse owners and enthusiasts while listening to them speak about their love of horses.
This will also be my first county fair. I'm so excited to be among so many people. The environment will be energizing and lively. I'm looking forward to sharing my love for creating horseshoe décor with so many that truly appreciate it!
You can find Luv My Horseshoes at their website.
Because I am constantly creating new wall décor and sculptures, not everything is posted on the website, especially the larger items because of their shipping costs (as a result wine racks and sculptures are only sold at events).
If you have a horseshoe from a treasured horse that has passed, I would be honored to create a memorial piece from that shoe for you. Bring it to the event along with ideas of what you would like me to create with it. I am always looking to doing custom work!