Vendor Profile Form

Below you will find our Vendor Profile Form.  

This form must be completed once each calendar year for each business that you wish to participate in Gypsy Farmhouse Markets. 

An application/contract must also be completed for each market.  An invoice will be sent via email.  

If you do not have a website for your business or social media profiles, please email at least three pictures, including at least one display or booth picture to  Your application will not be considered until we receive pictures.  If there is some reason you cannot provide pictures, please email us.  

You will be notified via email regarding your acceptance.  Acceptance of your application does not guarantee participation in a Gypsy Farmhouse Market.   Although we may accept your application, we may not allow you to participate in a market due to one or several factors:

  • A particular venue may not be able to accommodate some vendors (e.g., mobile boutiques, food vendors, direct sales)

  • We strive to provide a variety of vendors at all of our markets to provide a good shopping experience for guests.  We may have already booked vendors of the same type for that market.

  • Payment has not been received for the market space.

After you have completed the profile form, please remember to complete the application/contract for any markets you wish to participate in.  

For the list of open markets, visit the Vendors Page.