Wintersoul Studios - Meet the Maker

How did your business get its start?  
As a child, I had an odd inclination to share stories and nature with the people around me. After a couple of key moments in my childhood, I realized that not everyone experiences the world the same way I do, yet I could still find a way to communicate the experience to them.  Excited to breathe life into my stories, I took out my notebook, and quickly remembered that at that age (7-8) I struggled with writing… so to the sketchbook I went! It was in those moments that I realized art would always be an integral piece of my life. In that way, the career choice to be an artist was less of a “choice” and more of a fulfillment of a deep need. 

For aspiring artists out there, the art world has many paths to fulfill the need to create. Some routes look like gallery work, others commercial/graphic work, or it might even look like studio work. The reality for many (including my own), is that working as an artist is probably going to be a mix of paths. For me, I enjoy deciding which projects I work on next, so starting my own business was a worthwhile pursuit. I began selling at conventions, and soon realized how much I enjoy the direct interaction with my audience, so the business grew from there!

What sparks your creativity most?

The root of most of my creativity comes from nature, my spiritual path, and dreams. The common factor in all of those pieces is the experience of awe. When something strikes wonder in me - the unfolding growth of a plant, that moment when I grasp a concept I had struggled with for years, or even an eerie dream featuring a strange creature - those are the times when the need to make art kicks in. As lofty as some of those may sound, the sparks of creativity are most often found in the everyday world. For example, the way the sun shines on my cat, or a story from a stranger on the bus - you never know when creativity will come!

What kind of music do you listen to while you create? 
All sorts of music fuels my art, this could be a very long list! But for the sake of efficient musical suggestions, I’ll just give my current top three favorites: “Isa” by Wardruna'; “Trees” by Twenty One Pilots; “O Fortuna” - performed by Brin Addison, he has amazing harp Guitar renditions of classical songs.

What are you looking forward to about the Market?

Connecting with a new audience. The shows I attend are varied, but the main point of connection seems to be the love of nature and animals. I’m excited to hear stories from new people, and share in enthusiasm about our common sources of inspiration!

Come out and visit Crystal in person at the market at the Denver Queen City Horse Show or find her on Facebook or Twitter.